Our perspective on privacy

Our perspective on privacy
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This section of our site deals with various aspects of personal details that our customers provide on the website’s pages. While reading the post, you will know how the operator gathers, stores, and shares private information. In addition, you’ll learn about your own and company’s rights, choices, and responsibilities regarding mutual security. During interaction on the site and cooperation with the provider, you recognize our data collection approach and goals outlined in this article.

Our company is sympathetic to the needs of our site’s visitors and registered clients in a safe environment for their activities. We understand the importance of their personal data’s protection. As our customers trust the company when providing private details on the site, we ensure full protection and privacy from our side.

Why do we share privacy insights? Commercial institutions and financial firms are eligible to decide about the ways of sharing your identifiable information. In their turn, customers have the right to some limitations. As our company is legit, we must operate according to the law that requires us to disclose nuances of how we gather, share, and protect your personal data. That’s why we encourage your close attention to understand our rules, terms, and policies.

So, as you act in different ways on the site, our company collects the information in various ways, including such marketing moves as promotional offers. The company collects and stores data provided by customers when they fill in application forms, comment on posts, send us requests, click ads and links, etc. This approach has no intentions to hit your privacy or violate your rights. The company needs it to provide the highest possible level of service, relevant offers, and a personalized user experience.

While collecting information, we get the idea of your real needs and preferences and send you customized offers. Sometimes, we provide you with promotions or other extras that also have their own privacy policies. Besides, clients’ data is crucial to check their identities, ensure responsible borrowing, and avoid fraudulent activities.

We profess a respectful attitude towards all our clients, protecting their data in a tactfully and non-intrusive manner. The company chooses optimal ways to meet modern consumers’ wishes working in the framework of the National Privacy Principles (“NPPs”) and Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth). These standards regulate the company’s methods of gathering and holding your data, as well as disclosing to third-party resources. They allow keeping the balance between the way in which we carry out our business activities and your rights. Official norms also set both sides’ responsibilities to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation without misleading concepts and possible misunderstandings.

The company’s Privacy Policy might be updated periodically. That’s why we highly recommend checking this section for changes every time you make a transaction, strike a deal, accept an offer, or perform any other activities involving financial and identifiable information.

Your Acceptance

While using desktop and mobile versions of our site, you agree with all terms, rules, and confidentiality policies of records and identifiable health information.

Which information the company collects

  • First, the last name
  • Provided contacts (email, phone number, postal address)
  • Social Security number
  • Specified income
  • History or your transactions
  • Credit history
  • Employment date
  • Checking account details

The company assesses these nuances during your registration, execution of documents, filing of appeals, etc. Everything is also recorded when you negotiate about a job, affiliate partnership, advertising, and other types of cooperation. If you come to our offline office and leave your business card, the information you’ve disclosed is also at our disposal.

We also collect digital data when consumers use our official website. It means the following details:

  • IP addresses
  • Domain name
  • Time of your interaction with the site.

Besides, built-in analytical tools on the site track visitors’ interaction with the site to detect which content or element is more conversational:

  • Downloaded documents.
  • Buttons you’ve clicked
  • Visited webpages
  • Completed forms
  • Links
  • Your device and browser.

Note that we don’t pursue you in the street, inquiring after your contacts. In other words, the company never put a random approach to its practice. We may access your personal data if only you are on our manager’s list of clients. Moreover, we’ll never disturb you with calls and emails until you encourage us to apply to you and express your will to get any services or information from us.

Bear in mind that we record phone calls and store conversations. It will help to process your requests more efficiently and guarantee both parties’ responsibility. Phone records exclude possible confusion and, at the same time, provide incentives for our managers’ correct behavior.

Contests and other Promotions

In the case of a promo appearing on the site, any client could participate to get some privileges. If a customer agrees to be involved, the company has the right to contact him/her and ask for additional data. It may deal with a phone number or date of birth, etc., depending on a particular competition or promotion.

What If a client doesn’t specify valid information

According to the law, consumers have the right to keep their privacy and use the website anonymously. Such discreet interaction has no essential consequences when a visitor explores the service to evaluate its efficiency and workability. However, a valid date is required to get service.

In other words, when you, for example, fill in an application form to obtain a loan, only accurate information should be specified. An applicant will be rejected in the case of mistakes, incomplete information, or intentional withholding of data. Therefore, you should be honest and open to taking advantage of the company’s services.

Type of data we collect and store

The company gathers only relevant information from its customers. It means that we are interested in details that directly relate to our business activities, services, and cooperation with consumers. We store data for the benefit of both the company and the client to provide mutually profitable relationships.

If you are not our exclusive client or you have other types of business relationships with our company, we may need some specific information, like the following details:

  • The type and essence of products or services you supply
  • Provided quotes
  • Payment and other financial details
  • Credit reports
  • Business statements

Note that it’s obligatory to provide the required information to allow our managers to verify your identity if you send a request. It usually deals with such basic data as your name and email. However, details are dependable on a specific request or situation.

Sensitive data

As our company always follows the law and ethical guidelines, we never collect sensitive information from our visitors and clients. It deals with such deeply personal stuff as:

  • Ethnicity
  • Nationality
  • Appearance
  • Sexual identity
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Lifestyles
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Political views

At the same time, the company has the right to ask you for some specific data that might seem irrelevant to our relationships. It comes from various contests’ rules. However, they are always optional and don’t violate your personality.

Sensitive information might also be critical to get if the company identifies a threat to your financial, mental, and physical security and needs to prevent a crime.

Note that understand how critical it is to protect children’s mental and physical health and their lives. That’s why we don’t gather information about children or use them in our relationships with customers since our content and service are directed to the adult audience.

When and with whom we share data if necessary

The company will never let you down since no accidental or deliberate data leakage is possible regardless of the situation. Our primary goal is to ensure full security and comfortable activities on our official website and offline. Still, the company operates in conjunction with third-party resources that provide our flawless performance, promotion, and top-notch service.

That’s why some data might be disclosed to servers, agents, marketing services, contractors, and direct partners that work together with us, for your goodness. Our company cooperates with trusted firms and online platforms that will care about your security as we do.

Still, it would help if you remembered some cases when we have to share your data regardless of the company and the client’s vested interest. But, then, it comes to the pressure to protect the company’s rights and properties or law enforcement authorities’ needs in the investigation (subject to availability of warrant). In any case, your company will be guided solely by the law.

Personalities and organizations with whom we share information

  • Loan operators when you fill in their application forms on the site.
  • Agencies that serve our digital performance and operation, including those cooperating with us from overseas. They need access to prevent disruption to the site’s workability. Note that we cooperate only with those IT providers that correspond to the local privacy principles.
  • Product operators that are relevant to our business activity. We may share data if you opt for getting news and new offers via email or messenger. However, if you opt-out but still need to contact a particular provider, we can send you the information. In this case, this provider will also get access to your data.
  • Establishment and online platforms linked to you via our service at your request, meaning lawyers, consultants, brokers, etc.
  • Our partners and related sites/firms.
  • Individuals and organizations that should be involved to apply pre-specified terms to our clients.
  • Payment gateways, CRMs, and legit collecting companies that correspond to your privacy policy’s standards.
  • Companies that own a particular share of our assets.
  • Those are officially helping force majeure and trouble spots when it’s crucial to protect either a client or a company’s security.
  • Any authorities if they prove their eligibility and introduce a warrant.
  • Services and tools that provide analytics of users’ behavior on the site.
  • Email services that the company uses to send you useful information and promotions.
  • Operators that connect us to clients through the phone.
  • Services that help get reviews, surveys, and interview consumers.
  • Marketing platforms responsible for correct advertising.
  • Those in charge of moderation, correct administration of our official online resource.
  • Managers that respond to inquiries, complaints, requests, etc.
  • Employees and services that provide internal communication and efficient work inside the company.

The content on our company’s website may contain third-party links. Our beta testers check these links regularly to ensure their connection with useful Web resources. In this way, all third-party links on our site are safe and don’t pose any threat to your computers, transactions, and personal information.

Note that you are automatically subject to their privacy policies and rules when you click third-party links and enter external platforms. That’s why we’d recommend learning about them before delving into interaction on linked resources. Our company chooses reliable sources and partners to present high-quality links and allow our users to access additional valuable content. At the same time, we are not officially responsible for these companies’ offers, rules, and agreements. They remain independent platforms with their personal strategies.

Our website holds cookies in visitors’ browsers. You may accept all of them or make personal setups. In this way, we gather data based on your preferences and online activities. Once you accept all, you automatically save the company’s default setting. If you vote for a selective approach, you can make adjustments and choose cookies to store.

Note that first-party cookies cannot be rejected if you are going to use the company’s services and access 100% of the information on the website. First-party cookies are those responsible for signing in, redirections, and other functions that provide the site’s error-free operation.

Besides, we need cookies to get the idea of traffic sources and generators, assess each section of the site accurately, and understand whether a particular web page is visible to a visitor.

Auto collection of data

Once you’ve landed our company’s website, its algorithm starts gathering information automatically. We don’t play with settings or target people to spam. Everything works in auto mode to get only pre-set data that all other sites collect.

All data comes from your browser installed on a personal computer, laptop, or mobile device. The system identifies IP, ID, type of gadget you use, software and hardware adjustments, web pages you’ve landed during your session, the time you’ve spent on the site, and your behavior on our platform.

Ads and Buttons

When you start interacting with the website, you’ll see some advertising in the format of links, texts, videos, images, or buttons to like or share a piece of content. They redirect you to external resources whose products may be in the scope of your interest. However, all the ads are just marketing. You don’t have to click them if you don’t connect to third-party sites for purchases. If you decide to be redirected, bear in mind that those companies also use cookies to pull information.

Our transparent care about your security

Our company respects your privacy, does all its best to save it, and protects your accounts, activities, and other personal data. Moreover, we feature full transparency and openness to your customers’ rights. That’s why each client can access his/her information stored on our website. This approach is convenient for both parties. On the one hand, our service proves its integrity and unbiased cooperation. In their turn, consumers get the opportunity to check the info and ask the company to make changes or some updates in the light of new facts. In this way, the provider keeps all data accurate and timely updated. If you want to check the info that we store, just contact our managers or send a correspondent request.

Note that there is no need to worry about some leaks of information, hacks, cyber-attacks, or even physical intrusion. We use advanced software to exclude possible threats and failures and take relevant measures, proactively preventing any issues.

The company does consider secure storage of private data a priority since it determines our success, reputation, and trust of our clients. We also ensure a high level of security in our offline office to thwart attempted illegal entry or corporate espionage from inside.

Crucial things you should know to stay safe on the Web

The company takes all the necessary and statutory measures to protect your privacy and security when you’re online. At the same time, you are also responsible for the level of your vulnerability. Your incorrect or careless behavior may ruin privacy despite your advanced equipment. Please consider the following tips to help us store your data well:

  • Try to escape using the site in places with free unprotected Wi-Fi, meaning cafes, parks, etc.
  • Don’t enter catfishing sites to avoid scammers and viruses.
  • Please remember to secure your mobile devices.
  • Install the newest and most efficient software against viruses and hacks. This point is especially critical when you want to make financial transactions online.
  • Don’t give other people access to your device (PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.).

Of course, there is no such thing as full privacy on the Internet that makes people trust third-party online resources. Those cooperating with our company may count on our credibility. Besides, we have enough financial and physical resources to protect the personal information you’ve shared on our website.

If some updates take place on the website, our system will notify you immediately. You can enter the section and read new information to learn everything about personal data storage and other relevant news.

How to solve privacy issues

The company is responsive to its clients’ requests and questions. We are always willing to help you and remove any problems. If you have a question related to your privacy, security, or data storage, please contact our professional managers.

Our Help Center accepts complaints, wishes, and inquiries around the clock, without holidays and breaks. You can write an email or use our postal address to get in touch with experts and solve the slightest issues. We are keen to let our clients have a seamless experience and positive impressions of our cooperation.

Still, you might not get a response if the system recognizes your request as spam. In this case, the company retains the right not to answer or even ban a sender. We’ll help shed light on any point, rule, and terms of our operation and privacy policy in other situations.

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