Lenders that offer Medical loans

We did careful research and gathered all the important information about medical loans in South Africa. We understand that any health issues may end up becoming very expensive. And here we mean not only treatment itself. Even after sickness or illness recovery there still could be issues to cover.

Medical loans can be used to pay any emergency medical expenses. You get money in advance and then pay back over a predetermined time period.

The reasons to apply for a medical loan

There are a lot of reasons to apply for loans for medical procedures in South Africa. Let’s name the most popular cases:

  • Paying medical bills.
  • Urgent importance of surgery operations. In this case we speak about medical loans for surgery.
  • Dental issues. Tooth pain is known to come at very inappropriate moments and for being very hard to take. So it can come when you don’t expect and simply don’t have a possibility to cover payments to your dentist for instant work.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Urgent treatment and care.

Sometimes urgent medical help may be needed not only to you personally or your relatives and friends. Pets can also need an emergency vet. In such cases people are the ones to help, so pet medical loans are available to cover vet treatment of your favourite dogs and cats.

It’s always easy to understand whether you need additional money for medical issues. Main criteria is obvious – if the situation comes to the point where we can speak about life-or-death cases, proper medical treatment should become the very first priority, and the question of money is not even raised.

However, if you don’t deal with any life-threatening issues, some treatments can still become selective. Even though the majority of such treatments are done to make your life more comfortable, we can’t say that it’s always a good idea to apply for medical loans if we deal with something not that urgent. The choice is always yours. If you are still absolutely sure that you can afford monthly payments without serious threat to family budget – why not.

Dealing with medical subjects, lenders can also help not only those who need medical treatment, but also for those who make it possible – doctors. In South Africa there are companies, providing medical practice loans. They are aimed to help good doctors, willing to expand their practice or those, only starting to do their own medical business.

How does it work?

The majority of medical loans in South Africa are not secured. It means that one doesn’t need to leave any material belongings as an additional payback security.

But such loans, even if we speak about medical loans, are mostly given to those, having a good previous credit background. The main reason for this lies on the surface – those debtors, who suffered previous problems with monthly repayments are more likely to be bad candidates for another loan. There are hardly any companies, which may accept such risks to lose money.

So for those with bad credit history and low scores it is more likely to get secured medical loans. In South Africa in general one can get amounts in between R2000 and R3000 for such issues. Loan terms for medical treatment are usually less strict and a bit more loyal. Sometimes you can even rely on a 5 year-term for repaying.

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