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RCS overview
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Phone number: 27861729727
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You will find various reasons you could need to address lending firms. Have a look at some examples when you’re able to apply for RCS personal loans.

You may need to repay critical expenses such as health care, crash, or an immediate automobile refund.

You’ll want to consolidate your last debt and try searching for the help of a respected money lender.

No requirement to collect a bundle of documents and wait for a long time. The client will need to give only the contact info and ID to work with a loan institution.

There aren’t any savings to go for a trip or organizing a special event.

You need some additional cash to cover educational services.

If you encounter just about any financial problems, approaching RCS secure services is a nice thought. The organization provides services in keeping with your necessities and budget.

Old Mutual Loans Online Offers

You may experience a huge number of upsides while qualifying for RCS loans online.

You could inquire about borrowing in the amount of R500 and R5000 and return it right after 3 months.

People who necessitate even greater amounts of money may possibly be eligible for a cash advance and return it just after 3 months.

Old Mutual rewards its clients with acceptable interest rates and monthly service costs.

In case you want to take R20 000, consider the refund term within one year.

The loan lender provides both permanent and shifting interest rates.

Feel free to spend your loaning for any needs.

How to Conclude the Application Form?

The procedure of filling out the RCS loans application is fairly straightforward.

The financial company determines how much the loan lender might offer to the borrower. RCS unit trusts the users who don’t have an awful credit rating.

Head over to the RCS website and try to find an application form.

Determine almost all the required data.

Add your identification document and the document that confirms your income.

Fully familiarize yourself with the stipulations of a lending institution in order not to have disappointments later on.

The process of application approval usually requires about 30 minutes. If the borrower fulfills the necessities of the RCS consolidation loan, the submission will be surely approved.

How Can You Identify The Repayment Cost for Each Month?

Once you want to compute the sum you have to return overall, you have the capability to use the digital calculator available on the website. Thus, you may easily understand the terms and count your budget. After you click the calculating machine, you may choose the amount of money you wish to qualify for, pick the term and click on “Calculate the Payment”.

As a result, you will take a deeper look at the RCS debt consolidation.

What Are the Criteria for RCS loans?

Each financial organization has its own criteria, and RCS is not an exception. Properly learn the listing to be aware of what should be expected from the moneylender.

It’s crucial to reach the age of 18.

The minimum regular monthly earnings should be at least R2500.

It’s necessary to have an unchangeable job for at least 3 months for being approved for the long-run loan.

The borrower needs to send proof of steady revenue.

The applicant should not have any active loans.

Forms of RCS Loans

Old Mutual features the next few crediting types:

  • Old Mutual personal loans are separated as secured and unsecured offers. The first form implies assigning a possession to verify the reliability of the borrower, but it has more reasonable interest rates. Unsecured credits don’t need collateral, but they come with much higher interest rates.
  • Payday loans are short-term lending, which you will need to entirely payout within 30 days. Usually, the client is allowed to obtain from R500 to about R5000 You may consolidate your borrowing in part or with just a single payment. Payday loan terms are flexible so feel free to apply even if you want to get RCS loans for blacklisted ones.
  • Old Mutual consolidation loans are helpful for persons with active personal debts that necessitate immediate consolidation. As well as from affordable interest rates, you should certainly profit from the capability to extend your borrowing to a much longer term. The most important thing is to get the loan lender guaranteed that you can entirely cover the borrowing on time.

In Summary

A great number of people go through complicated economic situations. When you don’t know where to borrow money, RCS will undoubtedly be your trusted financial partner. The firm is very popular in the current market and is coveted amongst possible applicants. Once you have any difficulties, you can always get assistance from RCS customer care. The qualified group of professionals will certainly do their best to give you help.

RCS overview
Borrower requirements
  • You must be 18+
  • Сitizen of SA or permanent resident
  • Have regular income
  • Have an active bank account
Obtaining methods
  • Bank account
  • Credit or Debit card
Lucky Cloete
Lucky Cloete
Very user-friendly interface, registration arrives quickly and money comes in almost instantly
James Naidoo
James Naidoo
I took it a couple of times in this company, I was satisfied with everything! Many pluses, minuses have not yet been found
Nona Ntuli
Nona Ntuli
I found on this site several useful credit companies that I have not heard about before, thank you
Hendrik Ndlovu
Hendrik Ndlovu
I use not the first time. Convenient conditions for obtaining a microloan. Friendly managers will always help to resolve issues.
Phumzile Mbatha
Phumzile Mbatha
When I took out a loan for the first time, I was still a little afraid, as I was afraid of high interest rates. At first I took a small amount and returned it on time to make sure that all conditions are met. Now I come here quite often.
Nokuthula van der Merwe
Nokuthula van der Merwe
Good service at Boodle. Of course, the conditions are not the simplest and if you do not pay, then there will be problems (1% per day !!), but if you take it clearly and return it on time, then everything will be fine
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