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Dental loans have become a fairly common service in most South African clinics, because delaying a visit to the doctor is not the best solution to the problem. Diseases of the teeth and oral cavity progress quite quickly and can turn into a severe form, the treatment of which will cost even more, will be more unpleasant, and take a longer time.

Why do I need dental loans?

Considering the option of dental loans, the doctor may advise you on an alternative option. For example, you can schedule a course of treatment with your dentist for several weeks or months, depending on your ability to pay for the procedures on time. The obvious disadvantage is that the treatment will be lengthy. However, this is the best option if you are not tied to time and do not consider the option of dental loans. Dental loans for bad credit story are offered too, as such an option of money lending is often supported by agreement between clinics and credit companies.

Dental loans are most relevant if you need to do the procedures in the field of implantation and orthodontics. The dental implant loans are not just an opportunity to achieve aesthetic appeal but care for the health of the whole organism. Installation of braces is also one of the most expensive services. The dental loans for implants and timely implementation of these procedures can help to get rid of several aggravating consequences.

For what other purposes can dental loans be used?

In addition to implantation and orthodontics, you can get a loan for any other dental service. So, thanks to the annual improvement of technologies, operations that were previously considered harmful are now in special demand. This includes teeth whitening. Being an expensive service, however, professional whitening does not impact a negative effect on enamel, does not contribute to tooth decay, but can make an attractive smile for teeth of any shade in just a few sessions.

Orthopedic procedures such as the installation of a blueline prosthesis are also quite often reasons for dental loans. Dental surgery and dental treatment, in particular, restoration procedures, professional hygiene, as well as dental treatment for children – people can make their list of procedures for which personal loan for dental work are required.

It should be additionally noted that due to dental loans reviews they do not affect the quality of services that you pay on your own.

What does it take to get dental finance in South Africa?

To receive a loan for dental services, you need:

  • completed corresponding questionnaire;
  • bank account statement for the last 3 months;
  • identity cards data;
  • certificate from the place of work about the salary;
  • document confirming the place of residence.

After submitting the listed documents, the loan can be approved and the treatment will start. If you cannot provide any of the above options then you may search for dental loans no credit check – that is the only way for you.

What are the conditions for dental loans?

The dentists will receive full payment as soon as they provide services to you. After that, you will have time to repay the loan at a convenient time for you. The payout period can be half a year, a year, or 2 years.

What procedures are supported by dental loans?

It is very easy to get a dental loan in South Africa and almost all cosmetic dental procedures are covered by it.

What is the loan amount?

In each case, the amount is negotiated individually. A person can get up to R40’000. In some cases, this amount may be increased. Bad credit dental loans are also possible, but require more thorough search.

When do I need to apply for a loan?

To avoid misunderstandings, the loan application must be submitted before dental procedures, not after. It is necessary to consult with your dentists and ask them to draw up a price quote. Knowing the approximate cost of dental services, you can apply for a loan.

Can I get a loan to partially pay for dental services?

Yes, you can get a partial loan. To do this, it is enough to determine how much of the cost of the cosmetic dental services you will pay on your own, and how much will be covered by the loan. Such dental loans for bad credit story may be a better option as the sum of money required is smaller.

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