to get through bank verification

How to get through bank verification

How to get through bank verification

When applying for a loan, a person must provide documents, as well as information about himself. Speaking of long term loans for a large amount, the client needs to provide a large number of papers. If we consider a consumer loan, then it can be issued with a minimum set of documents and received quickly enough.

When applying for any loan, the borrower may not even suspect that the bank is conducting a very thorough check, where the risk of being rejected increases. The fact is that many banks want to check the information about the borrower themselves to make sure that he will be able to repay the loan on time and prevent delays.

What do banks check?

Today, credit companies check a lot of information about customers. The percentage of approvals has decreased, because many borrowers simply do not fit the strict requirements of banks and are refused. If you know in advance what information banks check before issuing a loan, then you can get a better chance of approval.

Personal data

This does not include passport data, but the presence of a criminal record, possible fines or administrative violations. If a person had a criminal record or fines, then the lender may refuse a loan, relying on the fact that the user may be irresponsible and allow delays. In addition, many banks pay attention to whether a person is married, has a family or children. If yes, then the bank will understand that the client is stable, has a job and income, and therefore will be able to repay the loan.

Mortgaged property

Requiring a certificate of income from the client, the bank can also begin to study the collateral. It is the pledge that will show whether there is a guarantee that the client will repay the loan. The collateral can be real estate, a car, and even assets. Usually, collateral may be needed to obtain a large loan for a long period, but there are times when a bank requires collateral even for a minimum consumer loan.

Credit history

An obligatory step in obtaining a loan is a credit history check. According to history, you can check whether a person took loans earlier, whether he allowed delays, or whether he paid everything on time and on time. It is the credit history that becomes decisive when issuing a loan, because it shows how responsibly the borrower treats lending.

A few tips on how to pass a bank check

When going through a bank check, it is important to be honest and not hide information about yourself. In any case, the bank will know all the information, so honesty will definitely not reduce the chances of approval. The main recommendations on how to pass a bank check are:

  • do not exaggerate your salary or financial condition;
  • not hide about past or possible debts or delinquencies;
  • have a presentable appearance, because bank employees pay attention to this too;
  • behave calmly and without excitement.

The decision will be made depending on how the person presents himself and will conduct himself. Being sincere, the borrower has every chance of getting approval and a loan.

Where to get a loan without unnecessary checks

If the money is needed urgently and without unnecessary checks, then a loan can be issued at a microcredit company. MFIs offer money to the card within 15 minutes, the user only needs to fill out a short questionnaire and receive the required amount of funds. A loan can be issued at any time of the day, and most importantly, to obtain it, you only need to be of legal age and have a passport.


When applying for a loan, it is important to remember that this is primarily a responsibility. It is important not only not to hide information about yourself, but also to calculate your financial capabilities so that the loan can be repaid without delays and debts. By submitting correct information about yourself, as well as indicating the information, you can increase the chances of approval and obtaining a loan.

Last Updated 29.06.2022
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