Absa Cosmetic Surgery Loans up to r5000 in Western Cape

One of the most promising cosmetic surgery procedures - and the very latest to come out of South Africa - is Absa Cosmetic Surgery. Founded by the late Max Bahia, this clinic specializes in a host of treatments including botox injections and rhinoplasty. Absa Cosmetic Surgery received its funding from the Canadian Government through the Canada Medical Research Council.

The founder of Absa Cosmetic Surgery was Dr. Max Bahia - now a consultant with Novartis - when he was operating his first plastic surgery practice in 1985. A year later, he received an invitation to take part in the Springbreeze/ Expo, an international trade fair that had just begun in Cape Town. Max and his partner, Mandy de Waal, set up shop in what is now the iconic V&A Waterfront in Cape Town's West Coast region. The success of their business has led to them setting up dozens of similar cosmetic surgery clinics all over the country.

When Max and Mandy set up their business, they didn't know what kind of products to sell. So they decided to pick something that would catch their clients' interest and promote the practice as an excellent cosmetic surgery choice. They settled on creating a line of skin care products based on natural ingredients and botanical extracts. This gave the practice an instant boost in the cosmetic industry. The results of their first few products - Absa Cosmetic Surgery Loans r5000 in Western Cape, which launched in South Africa in October last year - have been overwhelming. Sales have so far quadrupled as word of their excellent service spreads among friends and colleagues.

One of the best things about Absa Cosmetic Surgery is that it offers both standard services as well as an outpatient procedure. Patients are able to come and go as they please - there is no restriction on the length of treatment. They are treated as VIP patients and given top priority - even though they are just ordinary people. This treatment is geared to their needs, and the surgeons are always ready to help. The level of attention and care is top notch, with a personal and private approach that sets Absa apart from the rest.

Max and Mandy have also decided to offer the services of a surgical consultant - a great bonus for clients who are not conversant with cosmetic surgery procedures. The consultant's role is not to conduct medical procedures - in fact, it is part of their job to keep the patients fully informed on every aspect of the treatment. The consultants also encourage their clients to ask any questions that they may have during the course of the procedure - this helps patients to relax during the healing process and gives them an opportunity to ask any questions that they may have about the procedures and the entire clinic.

As with most successful businesses, the success of Absa Cosmetic Surgery Loans r5000 in Western Cape is built on strong marketing. Both Max and Mandy have used traditional marketing techniques to build their client base - offering special offers to clients who buy their services and featuring testimonials from happy customers on their websites. They have also advertised their services widely through the media - radio and television commercials, as well as on the internet. There have even been advertisements on celebrity gossip columns.

These strategies have paid off for both Max and Mandy. A lot of local media outlets have featured their surgeries and clients have flocked to get their services. Absa Cosmetic Surgery Loans R5000 in Cape Town has attracted many foreign clients as well, though they did not make up the majority of their clients. Max and Mandy offer competitive rates for their services. This has enabled them to increase their client base, and expand their operating space, in order to meet the increasing demand for their services.

Absa Cosmetic Surgery Loans r5000 in Western Cape is the perfect way for new business owners to start their business, with an emphasis on high-end cosmetic surgery procedures - to give them a head start. It will also provide them with some financial cushion to grow their operation. Max and Mandy will need this money to expand their existing surgery locations and to open new ones. Without the money, they will be at the mercy of emergency expenses and, if the worst comes to the worse - the loss of their clients.

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